Moon Over Bourbon Street

Moon Over Bourbon Street

Monday, September 24, 2012

Sketch Monday


                                I love drawing fish men.  This handsome devil is for a project I'm working on with my buddy Dave.  The tendency when drawing fish men now is to begin to move towards what Guillermo Del Toro did with Abe Sapien.  I mean it is hard not to.  Abe is a great design.  I immediately wanted to do something that moved the design away from that a bit and into something different.  Ray Harryhausen the greatest of all monster makers said if you can draw the creature in repose and make it look believable then you've got a good monster.  With that in mind, I moved the fish man into a seated pose, and saw that what I'm really going for is a more amphibian look.  This totally had an effect on the overall design.  Can't wait to do more on this.  
Check back here next Monday for more sketch goodness, and tune in tomorrow for Tutorial Tuesday!

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  1. You know you can't put stuff like this up for my easy perusal... My head gets all lite and I start to feel funny in my no-no spot. Sorry but thats gorgeous!