Moon Over Bourbon Street

Moon Over Bourbon Street

Monday, September 5, 2011

Sketch Monday!

Hey look whats back!  After several months of quiet we are back up and running.  I feel I should take a moment to explain my absence.  I was furiously trying to meet my deadline for The Battle of Blood and Ink.  Last night I finished inking the last page.  Everything is sent off to the editor and now I have a bit of breathing space.  I've got  a few posts about Blood and Ink to put up, but for the moment I need a little breather.  I figured a sketch was the best welcome back.  Anyway enough with my jibber jabber, onto the drawing!
This caricature of George W. Bush was done in a bar on the fly for a potential client.  I ended up not taking the job, but I really like the drawing.  Next up, thoughts on completing a graphic novel.

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